Jasna Rok


“The future of fashion is now!”

Fashion On brainwaves is a vision on the future of fashion ! These designs receive data of our brainwaves through a wireless connection with a brain-sensor and translate them into morphing fashion. In the future these sensors will be injected. Fashion will be morphing and can bee seen as the new virtual surgery. “FOB” will expose the procedures of the brain and how emotions can be presented in a fashion design.

This morphing shape or fashion is a second skin, of the brain, and a way to investigate the new aesthetics and beauty ideals as an extension of cosmetic surgery applied to fashion and self-expressions, which leads to a new way of communicating.
This project is working in real life! The fashion film is an indication of what it could mean for human beings and how it could develop in the future.

“Communicating through a non-verbal communication”
This is the futuristic vision of designer “Jasna Rok” :”A new race of human beings in a technology society. We make ourselves conscious of our possibilities in this new technology and aware of the advantages and disadvantages of it. The project is concerned with our thoughts/feelings and self-reflection. The purpose is to use new technology or wearables to improve ourselves and create an artificial intelligent language.”