Pauline van Dongen


Wearable Solar Shirt
: Het Solar Shirt wekt energie op met 120 dunne film-zonnecellen die in de stof zelf zijn verwerkt. In de volle zon produceert het shirt circa 1 W elektriciteit – voldoende om je mobiel op te laden in een paar uur tijd. Binnenshuis wekt het voldoende stroom op om de batterij volledig opgeladen te houden. Zo is je mobiel of ander apparaat dus altijd klaar voor gebruik.

Van Dongen presenteerde onlangs tijdens Bright Night ook een lichtgevend shirt genaamd Phototrope, waarmee je ‘s avonds veilig kan hardlopen. “Als ontwerper bedenk je toch vaak dingen die je zelf zou willen dragen”, zegt de ontwerpster. “Ik ga regelmatig hardlopen en dan loop ik met zo’n knipperlampje om mijn bovenarm. Dat moet mooier kunnen. Daarom heb ik een subtiel ontwerp gemaakt dat diffuus licht uitstraalt. Ik heb daarvoor eenvoudige led-strips gebruikt, maar om het licht die subtiele gloed te laten geven, heb ik gezocht naar een folie dat hiervoor zorgt.”



Wearable Solar Shirt
: The Solar Shirt is the latest design in our Wearable Solar collection and has been developed in collaboration with Holst Centre. The shirt seamlessly incorporates 120 thin film solar cells that are combined into standardized functional modules using Holst Centre’s stretchable interconnect technology for integrating electronics into fabrics. It combines solar panels and flexible electronics into an attractive, off-the-peg T-shirt for everyday wear that can charge a smartphone or any other USB compatible, portable device.
The night blue shirt is made out of a double-knit with a subtle texture and shine. It has been ingeniously constructed out of one piece of fabric, resulting in a softly rounded loose fit shape, while at the same time allowing the solar modules to be laminated before constructing the garment
The design of the solar modules has been approached from an aesthetic perspective, making the circuitry an elegant and striking feature of the design. With this attractive yet practical garment that people could wear every day we’re taking solar fashion from the catwalk to the high street.
In bright sunlight, the shirt produces around 1W of electricity – enough to charge a typical phone in a few hours. The shirt can charge smartphones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS systems and other USB-compatible handheld or portable devices. Electricity can be stored for later use in the shirt’s battery pack, invisibly located in the front pocket.

: Taking the form of an illuminated running shirt that comprises LED ribbons and a “prismatic” reflective foil hidden beneath a mesh-like exterior fabric, the shirt glows brilliantly when switched on, improving visibility and safety for nocturnal joggers.
It’s one of several recent designs – including a highly reflective spray paint pitched towards the cycling community – aimed at improving safety for pedestrians and more vulnerable road users at night.