Dit jaar werkt GOGBOT samen met MAD uit Eindhoven. MAD is een laboratorium, platform en provider voor ‘emergent art’: kunst die ontstaat vanuit het spanningsveld tussen culturele – en cutting-edge technologische ontwikkelingen. In het thema Internet of Things hebben deze twee organisaties zich weer gevonden. Mad en Gogbot werkten al eerder samen op Tecart 2015 en Gogbot 2014. Een voorbeeld hiervan is het prachtige Seeker project van Angelo Vermeulen van Gogbot 2014 die een voorganger had in Eindhoven tijdens de Dutch Design Week 2013. Tijdens Gogbot 2015 presenteert Mad met de MadClasses en MadTalk een preview op haar event tijdens de Dutch Design Week 2015  in Eindhoven.


Saturday, 12 sept | 12:30 – 15.30 | meeting point for all classes: UT INNOVATIE PAVILJOEN

Valery Vermeulen – Create your own music from (deep)space or wall street

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location: UT Innovatie Paviljoen
Did you ever wonder how the universe would sound like if you could hear it, what sounds can bederived from our financial markets and if it is possible to make music with them and if so how this can be practically done? In this workshop you will learn all about it and much more.

Martijn Zilverschoon – How to hack your own smart device

location: TKKR Lab dome tent
What are the risks of IoT devices? How can users protect themselves against evil hackers? Ethical hackers of TkkrLab will teach you how easy it can be to hack some IoT devices.

Sander Veenhof /  Karina Pálosi – The Internet of Anonymous Things

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location: Concordia Cinema

Experts en nerds zijn het er al lang over eens: het Internet of Things staat voor de deur. Ben je nog niet bekend met de materie en/of heb je nog geen huisraad gekoppeld aan het internet der dingen? Geen nood. Onze “internet der gewone dingen” workshop helpt je aansluiting vinden bij het IoT tijdperk. Laat je Arduino thuis (of vergeet dit verzoek, als je niet weet waarom je een Arduino thuis zou willen hebben) maar neem wél 1 apparaat naar keuze mee. Met onze generieke multi-sensor gaan we trachten dat apparaat te verbinden met “the cloud”. En dan? Dat weten wij ook nog niet. Misschien zetten we stap 1 in een hedendaagse variant van “Der Lauf der Dinge”.

Mark van der Net – OSCity/ Smart Urbanism

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location: Concordia Cinema

With open source as inspiration, architect, urban designer and programmer Mark van der Net will introducethe concept of smart urbanism on the example of OSCity and invites participants to think and do, in order to consider possibilities for spatial planning of the future.



Saturday, 12 sept | 15.30 – 17.00 | location: UT Innovatie Paviljoen

Panel discussion with the lecturers of this afternoons MADclasses and other theoreticians giving their point of view on  The Internet of Things. Featuring: Rob van Kranenburg, Rosa Menkman, Valery Vermeulen, Sander Veenhof, Mark van der Net en Dave Borghuis

15.30- 16.00

  • ROB VAN KRANENBURG: docent, Fellow bij Waag Society en schrijver van The Internet of Things
  • MARK VAN DER NET: architect, stedelijk vormgever en programmeur
  • RENE PARE, director of MAD emergent art center
  • ROSA MENKMAN: kunsttheoretica, curator en visueel glitchkunstenares

16.00 pauze/break 10 minutes


  • VALERY VERMEULEN: multimedia kunstenaar, muzikant, producer en wiskundige
  • SANDER VEENHOF: augmented reality kunstenaar en hands-on futuroloog
  • DAVE BORGHUIS: whizzkid pur sang, stichter van hackerspace TKKRLab

Hosted by Tom Veeger: an architect working on projects in the field of architecture, art and light and combines it with his work at the Faculty of the Built Environment (chair of Architecture) at the TU/e. He has been working for several years at Madlab curating expositions and organizing Forums and Hackathons.

rob_van_kranenburgRob van Kranenburg is a teacher and the author of The Internet of Things, a critique of ambient technology and the all-seeing network of RFID. He is the Co-Founder of Bricolabs and the Founder of the IOT Council. He ranks number 6 on the top 100 Internet of Things (IoT) thinkers list on Postscapes.


rosa_menkmanRosa Menkman is a Dutch art theorist, curator and visual artist specialising in glitch art and resolution theory. Menkman has curated several international exhibitions of other artists’ work. She wrote the Glitch Moment(um) by the Institute of Network Cultures and the Glitch Studies Manifesto in the same year, which was awarded ‘best practice’ by Virtueel Platform.


valery_vermeulenValery Vermeulen is a Belgian multimedia artist, electronic musician, music producer, mathematician and guest lecturer at various Belgian art institutes. Between 2001 and 2005 Vermeulen worked at the Institute for Pschychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM, Ghent University) on a research project focusing on the link between music and emotions. Since 2004 Vermeulen has been working on several interactive multimedia installations where the man-machine interaction plays a central role.


sander_veenhofSander Veenhof is a hands-on futurist, creating interactive experiences to explore scenario’s for a speculative but highly probable future. By staging events in a parallel reality that can be accessed with “AR” or “VR” viewers, his projects reflect on our gradual transformation into cyborgs living in an interconnected world of material, data and last but not least: people. Stepping beyond the obvious functionality of emerging hard- and software, his work addresses and pre-emptively fixes technosocial problems related to a future reality which will no longer be called augmented nor virtual.


mark_vander_netMark van der Net is an architect, urban planner and programmer with expertise in smart cities. In 2013 he founded OSCity, a system inspired by open source in which geografical big data can be transformed to innovating solutions for urban projects. OSCity has a large technical ecosystem with geografic databases, aggregation system and analysing- and visualisingtools, and has been on the front of the growing knowledge about ‘Smart Urbanism’.


rene_pareRené Paré is director of MAD emergent art center, art science technology, Program Director at Eindhoven Maker Fair. Experienced designer of models and experiences that are innovative and advanced in technology, information, networking. Consultant for implementation of high tech to experience/product solutions.
Specialties:Innovation development, concepts for high tech implementation, dissemination of technology experience, state-of-the-art installations. Major projects include: NetArt projects, Image Radio festivals, PULS festivals, Nerdlab exhibitions, Play the Future project, Open Data Eindhoven, Science Hack Day Eindhoven, Bibliotech, Ardusat Maker Faire Eindhoven, PolderHack, FloraFaunaHack, AgeHack, Make the Future, Open Data Portal Eindhoven Image Radio new media festival.


Saturday, 12 sept | 20:30 – 21:00 | location: podium Oude Markt

Rob van Kranenburg, Sander Veenhof